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Don’t Be Fooled

Plastic Liners are used by other companies to seal crawlspaces. Plastic Liners are only a temporary seal and a band-aid affect. When only a plastic liner is used many problems can occur: one being, a plastic liner can easily tear and puncture especially if the crawlspace is used for storage. Before they use the plastic liners they don’t level or grade the surface very well, leaving rocks and debris to puncture through. These holes in the plastic allow the escape of radon gas and moisture. Another being tape they use to seal the plastic together will soon become brittle and pull apart, and in many cases it is difficult to tape around many of the obstacles in a crawlspace. We have even seen water pooling under the plastic acting like a water bed. If the proper measures are not taken to solve the water problem this small issue could become detrimental.

Plastic isn’t strong enough to keep out rodents which allows these pests to make nests and leave their droppings behind. Mice and other rodents can’t get through concrete. All in all concrete is just a superior product over plastic liners, keeping you dryer warmer and healthier.

Spray Foam is also being sold at high costs. Companies are trying to convince their customers that spraying foam on the foundation wall will seal and insulate the crawlspace. Foundation walls are 8 to 10 inches thick and are below the grade level of the exterior dirt. Increasing the R-Value on a foundation wall is a waste of money. Accu-dry recommends R-19 value (Batts) insulation or spray foam insulation between the floor joist supporters around the perimeter of the outside walls. This is the area that above grade and cold air can penetrate through if not properly insulated.

Also, spraying foam on the concrete walls will not allow the concrete to breathe. This traps moisture between the concrete and foam foundations which could cause mold to grow. The money you save from spraying the foam insulation on your walls can be spent insulating your attic or new windows, where most heat is lost. We also recommend closing/insulating over any exterior crawlspace vents especially in the winter.

So forget the plastic, forget the expensive spray foam. After your free estimate with Accu-dry you will be ready to make the decision that could change the way you look at your unsightly crawlspace forever!

We have been reconstructing crawlspaces for over 20 years and take pride in the positive feedback and many referrals. Accu-dry won’t sell you anything your home doesn’t need. You will be impressed and happy with the work completed by Accu-dry that you will want to tell a friend, neighbor, or family member. Click on the referral icon and see for yourself.