Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can develop in poured concrete walls due mostly to settling. They can develop in the first years after construction, or later in the life of a home. Water can penetrate through these cracks during a rainstorm or when snow and ice is melting. Foundation cracks are common to many poured foundations, but if not repaired correctly will continue to leak.

The wrong way to repair a foundation crack is by chiseling or by v-grooving into the crack of the interior surface and filling with cement or another rigid material. This repair is just a temporary patch and will hold water in the crack that could freeze and expand the crack. We call this a frost crack, which is sure to leak.
Another wrong way to repair a crack is a method of pouring bentonite wall clay in a hole on the exterior of the crack. After time, the bentonite will dry out, pull away from the wall and the crack will leak again.

The only correct way to repair a foundation crack is a method called epoxy resin or chemical urethane grout injection under pressure.

  • This is done by drilling 1/2 in. port holes approximately one foot apart at different parts of the crack
  • Cleaning and flushing out the port holes
  • Inserting the injection ports
  • Sealing the crack surface with epoxy resin or hydraulic cement
  • After the surface seal sets we inject urethane or epoxy resin under pressure, starting at the bottom port and moving up each port until the crack is filled 100%.

crack_repair2-300x290This repair is permanent because the injection fills the crack and allows the wall to move slightly during temperature changes.

Cracks in cinder-block foundations are very common; they crack in the motor joints between the cinder blocks. Epoxy or urethane injection cannot be used on cinder block walls because there are voids in the hollow spaces of the cinder blocks. The only way to solve this leakage problem is install a drainage tile system under the floor slab and drilling weep holes in the cavities of each bottom cinder block. This will allow the water to drain into the tile and to the sump pit.

Keeping water out of your basement or crawlspace is very important to stop the growth of mold spores.

All foundation cracks injected under pressure by Accu-Dry have a lifetime transferable guarantee from all water seepage.